Get Started

Start here. Think about what you want to accomplish on this site. Assess your strengths and focus on a few skills at a time. Engage your your coach. Connect with your live learning facilitator. Get started growing your leadership skills.

Take a Look at Yourself

Let’s start by taking a closer look at YOU. Take some time and use the forms below to help us both know you a little bit better.

Plan on about 30 minutes

Assess Your Skills

Complete a skills assessment to identify your strengths and to decide on the skills you will focus on first.

Plan on about 90 minutes

Engage Your Coach

Your success in mastering core leadership skills and practices will increase exponentially as you engage a coach to help you in your climb. Ideally, your coach will be your manager. But it can actually be anyone you choose.

Plan on about 60 minutes

Connect with Your Facilitator

You will have a live professional learning facilitator dedicated to you throughout your skill building experience. You will be able to check in with your facilitator at any time. Get started by reaching out to your facilitator.

Plan on about 15 minutes